Ready to level up your brand?

Have a beautiful website that matches the professionalism and aesthetic of your business?

Boost your online presence in four easy easy steps.

  1. Pick your favorite template
  2. Purchase your template & book your onboarding call
  3. Send us the content you want
  4. We publish your website!

Who is this perfect for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Solopreneurs
  • Authors
  • Artists
  • Coaches


Pick Your Favorite Design!

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Step Two

Purchase Your Template &
Book Your Onboarding Call

Your welcome email after purchase will include a link to schedule your onboarding call – look for an email from Info@simplicityofsocials congratulating you on your new website!

Step Three

Send Us Your Content

After your onboarding call, where we’ll go over the details of your project and your business goals, you will get an auto-survey where you can submit your bio, service descriptions, upload photos, and everything else needed for the project!

Step Four

We Publish Your Website!


Q: What is the cost of the template and setup?
A: Each package is $750 + $25 a month hosting & maintenance program (the first 4 months are free!)

Q: Will I have access to edit and switch out photos? 
A: YUP! You will have full edit abilities (and we keep a monthly backup of your site in case you need to restore).

Q: What is the turnaround time?
A: Once you send in your content the turnaround time is one week.

Q: What if I want to create a new page on my website after it is published?
A: There are saved templates in your website’s dashboard to help you add new pages.

Q: Will you use my branding?
A: We use your exact brand color and put all headings in your brand font. Your logo is added in the header and on the favicon as well (which is the image on the browser tab – if you go to Facebook on your desktop, for example, their logo is on the top of the tap you are using. Your logo will be as well.)

Q: What size do my photos need to be?
A: We will format your photos for you. You may need a photo in the landscape for some spaces on your template and in portrait for others, but we size them for you to display properly and we can add your logo on top as well if you’d like.

Q: What if I am not ready to start a blog yet? 
A: No problem! We’ll hide your blog page until you are ready to get started.

Q: How do I add blog posts to my website?
A: We show you how to add blog posts so you’ll be all ready to go. (You go to your website dashboard and choose “New Post” – and upload there 🙂 )

Q: Can I make design changes to the template?
A: Yes! You absolutely can. It is your website to edit as you’d like to. We however will stick within the template to create and launch your site. Once live you are able to move elements around, add, or subtract pieces as you’d like.

Q: What if I buy the package and then change my mind?
We offer a 3-day money-back guarantee. If we have not started building your site, you will receive a full discount. If we did start building your site, you will need to cover the cost of hours worked, with the rest being refunded. We do not start building your site until after your onboarding call.

What's Included

  • Four-Page website with blog
  • Cohesive design throughout
  • Formatted and branded images
  • Personalized with your brand color and font!
  • Optimized Content
  • Metadata for SEO
  • Visitor stats and tracking
  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • Pinterest Tag intergration
  • Embedded video
  • Embedded forms
  • Four months of Free Hosting
  • 1-year Free Domain 

What's Not

You will need to write the descriptions of your products, your bio, ect – but we will optimize for you!

Photos and videos of you – we will format your media, but you will need to create it (though… we have a number of resources to help you!).

Your email and social media sites – we will link your site to your socials and contact information.

Monthly content edits – you can add on editing hours for a discount, or you can do the minor editing of your content as needed. We however will upkeep the tech including regular backups, updates, and integrations.

Monthly hosting ($25 a month after the first four months)

Monthly Free Resouces