Technology for Entrepreneurs

Is Your Tech Slowing You Down?

Getting bogged down in various apps and steep tech learning curves? We understand. A single tech issue can cost you an entire work day. We have a course just for you.

Technology for Entrepreneurs

6-Module Online Course

All accessible through an online portal, no weekly zooms to add to your schedule, no FB group to join. All six modules are available starting September 17th. And yes, you get lifetime access šŸ˜‰Ā 

Covering The Top Pain Points for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

We’ve identified the top six tech trouble spots that hold entrepreneurs back from scaling their business.

Step Out of the Hustle Mindset

And learn to better utilize the apps and tools you have available to simplify, automate, and start focusing on what really helps your business: customers.

6-Modules We Cover Are


Understand the dashboard of your WordPress site, be clear on settings you can change, and those you can’t, learn how to back up your site, install a new theme, add plug-ins, and a few tips to consider when designing your website.


MailChimp is an underutilized source of tools for small businesses. Send professional-looking emails, build a free website, create an automation journey – all from one account. We’ll go over the main features, and talk about strategies to simplify your newsletter process.


Save hours of time, and hundreds of emails a month with a client-booking calendar option, integrate with Zoom, and your preferred calendar app for a seamless client experience.


Build your email list, give away a free offer, create a marketing funnel, host a webinar – all from a single landing page. We’ll cover three different options for building your own, branded page.


There are multiple ways, both free and paid, to create forms that you can use on your website, or as a stand-alone page. We’ll cover multiple options, as well as how to have the form show up on your website.


We’ll talk over three online video editors, from basic to advance – allowing you to start creating branded videos today.

“I was spending hours each week with small business owners, all stuck in issues over their tech. Many of them were paying thousands of dollars to have landing pages built for them, or complicated automation processes they didn’t need. I know that if a process is too complicated, you will not be able to maintain it, that is why I focus on simplifying and strategizing. Let’s start utilizing the tech we already have before we go adding extra layers.

Jasmine Partida

Founder of Simplicity of Socials