Simplify Your Socials


What if you could spend less time planning your social media, and more time on clients?

Simplicity Of Socials Online Course

Stop Being Overwhelmed

Simplicity of Socials 6-Module Course gives you more time with your clients, and less time planning your social media. 

I know you are overwhelmed by your social media, and it can feel like a drain on your staff to sit down each month to try and decide what to post. 

Does your social media ever feel like too much time for too little results?
Do you spend too much time on content creation, and not enough on larger picture strategy?
Do you often find yourself or your team are in a rush to get social media done before a launch or an event?
Does it seem like you are always a bit behind?


Through six modules of an hour each, we walk you through defining your personalized strategy, campaign creation, and simplifying your content and design processes.

Module 1 Clarity, Goals, Audience
Module 2 Optimize and Consistency
Module 3 Simplify Tools
Module 4 Designing and Branding
Module 5 Analyze and Strategize
Module 6 Facebook and Instagram Ads 

For a limited time, a 30-minute consultation with our Founder Jasmine is included

(these are almost gone!)

6-Module Online Course

Self-paced and all accessible through an online portal. No weekly Zooms to add to your schedule, no Facebook group to join. Self-paced when works for you. And yes, you get lifetime access 😉 

Built-In Support

Simplicity of Socials™ comes with post templates, worksheets, checklists, posting calendars, and for a limited time a 30-minute consultation call with our founder, Jasmine Partida so you can be confident in your social media strategy!




Get Your Evenings Back

When your message is focused, your content is consistent, and your designs are engaging – you will be reaching more clients while spending less time on social media.

Stop Being Overwhelmed

You’re spending a lot of time on something that is not resulting in sales, when it seems like everyone else is able to run their socials effortlessly. Social media managers will tell you how many times they will post a day, if they will engage on your page, but they will not explain which analytics matter most to your business goals, or how they will track these.

  • Did you buy a $27 social media template package, but it didn’t explain how to create the actual content?
  • Have you tried to pre-create your posts, and get them reviewed/approved, but feel like you are spinning your wheels going no where each month?
  • Are you posting daily, but not seeing the sales you need?

“I have helped hundreds of small businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs quickly increase their exposure, customers, and sales
with my six-step process.
Now it’s your turn.”

In this deep-dive course you will:

  • Create your personalized social media strategy giving you clarity, focus, and the ability to reach more clients
  • Simplify your posting process, cutting down on hours of unfocused content writing and design work
  • Analyze and track your account insights
  • Define goals for your business, allowing you to be razor-focused in your content
  • Design six months worth of images for your accounts
  • Set up your Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Create 3-6 branded newsletters from the content we create in this course

I am giving you:

  • 30-Minute consultation call with me to finalize your strategy!
  • Step-by-Step process to optimize your accounts to create brand consistency across all platforms
  • Expert advice on designing for social media
  • Two 30-day posting calendars
  • My yearly posting structure
  • 30 post templates, formatted for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, delivered via Canva (a free online design tool)
  • Training on how to utilize Canva, both free accounts and paid
  • My event-launch posting template
  • Course eWorkbook with worksheets, templates, checklists, and insight

This six-week course is delivered through a membership portal,
with lifetime access. 

FOR A LIMITED TIME: After this course, you will be invited to a 30-minute consultation call with Jasmine to finalize your social media strategy. 

What are you waiting for?

“Stop being overwhelmed by social media and learn to simplify and strategize. I am a small business owner, and I understand how keeping up with social media trends on top of everything else that needs to be done for your business is often just one thing too many. I also know many social media managers do not speak to a larger strategy, and if you are operating without a strategy, you are not creating a solid ROI.”

Jasmine Partida

Founder of Simplicity of Socials


Jasmine's course clarified so much for us. We now have a clear vision and strategy, our website, marketing, and social media all have the same, consistent message - we learned a great deal.
I really was struggling with trying to figure why I just could not get people to engage on any of my socials. I had tried all of them and I just was really struggling. Jasmine’s course is worth every penny. She is engaging and has a calming presence that you can feel even through a screen. I was motivated after every lesson to put all her tips to use and I have already seen my socials engagements increase. If you are hesitating, don’t. Do it now.
Thank you, Jasmine, for such a great series. I even got a free session with her because of the promotion I bought it on and she was so kind and patient. It really felt like I was talking to a friend I had known for years.
I loved it. Jasmine took a subject that could be rather dry and made it interesting. I learned so much. I am motivated and excited to take what I learned and use it going forward. Thank you for this.
When I first signed up for the Simplicity of Socials course, I was honestly a little skeptical. I have tried to use social media to help my business and have never been able to get the engagements that I wanted. Jasmine’s course was easy to follow, and she has a way of keeping you engaged the whole time. She breaks down why social media can be difficult, why it doesn’t need to be, and how to overcome its challenges. I am so glad I found this course.
This course was awesome. Jasmine is very engaging. She really makes you feel like you can do all these steps and it feels like she is talking directly to you. I am very happy with this course and have already purchased some of her others.