January 2022 Content Calendar

January is the month of new beginnings. A refresh, new goals, and setting intentions for the year. This is one of the best times to launch a membership program. People are very focused on their needs for the new year, both health-wise, business-wise, and balance-wise.

Posts that will get higher engagement will be lists, to-dos, and top tips.

This month, I suggest setting aside time weekly to create a detailed timeline of what YOUR year will look like. What products/services will you launch at what times during the year, when will you schedule your vacation (I often schedule mine for when I have a natural downtime in my business).


1   Happy New Year

2   Setting Goals/Intentions

11   National Clean Your Desk Day

17   Martin Luther King Jr. Day

19   National Popcorn Day


  • Fresh Start
  • Setting Goals/Intentions
  • Create your action plan for 2022
  • Promote Balance
  • New Updates in your industry
  • Day of Service (Martin Luther King Jr Day)


  • New Year Sale
  • Announce 1st Quarter Events
  • Tease a reason to join your email list
  • Do THIS not THAT post
  • Inspiring quotes about new beginnings
  • Did you know? (let us know a fun fact about you or your company)

Three-Tiers of Content Creation

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