You know you're made for more. You just need a plan

Next Guided Program Start February 2022

Don’t hope you hit your goals in 2022 – take control and make sure you do.

Choose your path

Availablity is very limited to allow for personalized strategy calls with each program member.

6-Weeks to Impact

6 Weeks
  • Clarity of Impact
  • Action Plan
  • Personalized Strategy
  • Confidence to Show Up Authentically
  • Leave with the focus to create impact in your life, work,
    and community

Build Your Movement

90 Days
  • Leverage Social Media to Increase Sales
  • Define Your Brand
  • Optimize Your Messaging
  • Create an engaged, organic, following
  • Transform Your Marketing, saving time, stress, and money
On Sale

Fierce Women Circle

6 Months
  • In-Depth Leadership Training
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Strategy Calls
  • Positioning & Using Your Voice
  • Monthly Guest Expert Trainers

6-Weeks To Impact

Next Cohort Starts September 2021 / Limited to small groups to allow for personalized strategy sessions

6-weeks training followed by two months of support as you implement your new strategies

Total Investment
One Time Payment of $1,550
Or Three Payments of $575

For women who are ready to use their voice to spark change, but need a customized approach to get where they want to go.
Discover How You Can Make A Significant Difference Through Igniting Change and Taking Meaningful Action.
6-Weeks of Intensive Training, followed by two months of support as you implement your personalized strategy.
I offer personalized support to women through their journey to spark a change. It’s not enough to wait for things to change; you have to take action to make it happen.


  • Weekly 1:1 strategy sessions with Jasmine (value $1200)
  • Weekly 30m video training (value $550)
  • Guest Expert trainers (valued at $1,000)
  • Two months of support via
  • Voxxer and Facebook (value $700)

Through this 6-Week Program, participants have

  • Been Elected To Public Office
  • Started Nonprofits
  • Launched Podcasts
  • Published Books
  • Started Community Movements
  • Re-Launched Businesses
  • Built Their Own Training Courses
  • Started Companies
  • Created Policy Change in Their Communities

Build Your Movement

Think beyond followers, and transform your sales
Now that you have created your business, you need to develop your marketing and business systems to scale authentically.

You can have 10,000 followers and not make a single sale, OR  you can create a movement and be booked solid.

Which would you rather have?

When you create a movement around your brand, products, and services, you create a deeper connection between your target audience and your company.

This course teaches you the skills – and gives you the strategy to:

  • Build exposure – as people share your content
  • Increase followers – stop chasing followers, they will come when they see your movement building
  • Increase engagement – shares, likes, comments
  • And most importantly, increase sales – not only will people think of your company when looking for the products and services you sell, they will also think of you first when they have other purchases to make in the future

In this course you will learn:

In this course you will learn:

  • Clarity and alignment with your ideal client & business messaging
  • 4 elements of a viral post, and design these for your business
  • How to prime your accounts to build in engagement so you can reach thousands, not hundreds
  • Top mistakes businesses make, and how you can strategize around them
  • Define a movement for your business, and design your strategy around it
  • Learn the metrics to focus on to grow your accounts, and how to understand what is working and what is not – so you can continue to improve your content
  • Optimize your profiles for each social media site to attract and connect with your ideal client

*Limited to five spots each cohort to allow for high-touch strategy sessions and support from our team*

and Introducing...

You’ve met those leaders who walk into a room and have a different energy to them.
They speak from a strong center and do not hesitate to step forward. 

Have you ever wondered what they know that you do not?

They know exactly who they are, exactly what their goal is, and exactly who they are speaking to.
When you have clarity on a larger journey, a larger goal, you become razor-focused.

Imagine life with that strong center. Living your purpose, influencing change, and leaving a legacy.
If you’re ready to be a leader and have that different energy, we want to support you.

Monthly  Topics Are

1. Defining Your Impact Goal & Action Plan
2. The Strength of Your Voice & Positioning
3. Integrity & DEI in Leadership

4. Communicating to Connect
5. Leveraging Social Media
6. Setting Your Sights Beyond – Mapping Our Your 5-Year Goal

Each month we will focus on one aspect of fierce leadership through five avenues:
(1) Focused time to get your questions answered (2) Boardroom Calls (3) Guest Experts (4) Community (5) Additional Resource Material

Monthly One-on-One

Schedule your monthly one-on-one session with Jasmine when it works for you. You also have priority access via Voxer throughout the month.

Boardroom Call

The once-a-month group accountability call includes a guest trainer.

Expert Guest Speaker

A guest expert on the monthly topic will join us in the boardroom


Connect, support, and network within the Inner Circle Facebook group with other fierce women leaders.

If you’re ready to be a leader and have that different energy, we want to support you.

*Space is extremely limited*
Applications accepted on a rotating basis.

Past Members Have