Community Organizer Series

Are you ready to make a difference in your community, but you’re not sure where to start?


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6-Part Online Course

Starting with Jasmine’s webinar “Organizing for Causes You Love” this series includes five modules that break down different types of community organizing.

1. Organize for Public Meetings
2. Organize for Large-Scale Events
3. Organize for Education
4. Organize for Elections
5. Organize for Community Events
6. The Bonus Round

*First video drops Monday, October 19th, and every other day after*

Insight from Experience

Jasmine was the National External Communications Manager for the 2017 Women’s March on Washington in DC, during which time she trained hundreds of community organizers. Later as the co-founder and Vice President of Women’s March California she supported thirteen chapters and 850 organizers as they planned monthly large-scale events. She regularly hosts large-scale events and works with community and political organizers to make a difference in their communities. 

The Bonus Round

Knowing some may need a further breakdown of different tech platforms and online tools to help organize, Jasmine has added a bonus module on the tech or community organizing. She will introduce you to team communication platforms such as Slack, email sign platforms such as Action Network, and free ways to build engagement on your social media sites.

“Community organizing is complex work that must bring all voices to the table in order to create actions that are intersectional and represent your entire community.” 

Jasmine Partida

Founder of Simplicity of Socials

Six Modules of the Community Organizer Course

An overview on organizing for causes you are passionate about / Getting Started
Overview and introduction to technology options to help you organize as a team
Such as fundraisers, local events, support events, walk-a-thons
Be it state, county, city, or school board meetings - how to organize for impact
Organize for large-scale community events
Coming together as a community, parents, and/or teachers to organize for change in your school district