You know you're made for more. You just need a plan

Guided Programs Start February 2022

Don’t hope you hit your goals in 2022 – take control and make sure you do.

Availablity is very limited to allow for personalized strategy calls with each program member.

Now that you have created your business, you need to develop your marketing and business systems to scale authentically.

You can have 10,000 followers and not make a single sale, OR  you can create a movement and be booked solid.

Which would you rather have?

When you create a movement around your brand, products, and services, you create a deeper connection between
your target audience and your brand.

So set your goals for 2022 – be it building a business, running for office, or launching an organization.

This course teaches you the skills and gives you the strategy to:

  • Build exposure – as people share your content
  • Increase followers – stop chasing followers, they will come when they see your movement building
  • Increase engagement – shares, likes, comments
  • And most importantly, increase sales – not only will people think of your company when looking for the products and services you sell, they will also think of you first when they have other purchases to make in the future

In this course you will learn:

  • Clarity and alignment with your ideal client & business messaging
  • 4 elements of a viral post, and design these for your business
  • How to prime your accounts to build in engagement so you can reach thousands, not hundreds
  • Top mistakes businesses make, and how you can strategize around them
  • Define a movement for your business, and design your strategy around it
  • Learn the metrics to focus on to grow your accounts, and how to understand what is working and what is not – so you can continue to improve your content
  • Optimize your profiles for each social media site to attract and connect with your ideal client

*Limited to five spots each cohort to allow for high-touch strategy sessions and support from our team*